BCI Pillar Award — Recognizing Our Own — 4th Quarter 2017


There is always that one employee who flies under the radar and plugs away to get the job done. Doing whatever it takes to get the coverage we need for each job is demanding, challenging and a crucial piece to our success. She does not require constant praise for her work (but will accept chocolate as offerings of thanks), yet she remains dedicated, reliable and a tremendous asset to BCI. Amanda Strachan is our estimating coordinator and she constantly goes above and beyond to offer excellent customer service to our staff and the subcontractors we work with. Her initiative and motivation illustrate her integrity and accentuate how much she values her work. Many people have experienced the relief Amanda’s assistance offers during a bid and it does not go unrecognized! We appreciate having Amanda on our team and we are grateful for her hard work and dedication! — Barker Contracting, Inc.